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Winterscaping Your Garden with John Statham

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Meeting Information
Unless stated above, most events have members meeting at 7:30pm on the second Monday of the month and the third Monday in October at St. George's Ukrainian Heritage Centre (LVIV Hall) - 38 Lviv Blvd., Oshawa (
map). Free refreshments are offered. Please lug-a-mug. See the Calendar for up to date information.

Visitors to Meetings
Bring a friend (or yourself) to the meetings. The guest pays $5 and when they join the $5 goes towards the membership fee. Now that's a great deal! See Membership for details.

OGC President Gloria McRae's Picks

Many Sedum plants flower in the fall and add wonderful colour to our gardens. Sedums (from the family Crassulaceae commonly know as Stonecrops) are succulents found in the Northern Hemisphere are hardy and easy to grow. Autumn Joy, which can grow up to 2 feet and are covered with colourful blooms, is one of my favourites to brighten up my fall garden. There are over 600 varieties from creeping herbs to shrubs. Think about adding some to your garden.

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