If you are looking for something to do on Sat. Aug. 23rd and you would like to help the environment, please consider helping out with this worthwhile project.

On Aug 23rd at 10 a.m. the City of Oshawa will be planting 1,000 more trees at Durham Court Park, near the Civic Auditorium. Between the ice storm and the ash beetle this area has been devastated. The City has received a grant to help off set the damage, but to do this massive project they need lots of volunteers.

If you can help please contact Tanya, contact information below. Remember to bring your shovels, gloves and appropriate footwear (no sandals, there is lots of wood chips). They need as many volunteers as they can get.

Start time 10:00 a.m. Parking at the Civic.

If anyone thinks they could help, please get in touch with Tanya Steffler. She is organizing the event tsteffler@oshawa.ca 905-436-3311 x 2218

Location info.


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Heritage Tomatoes

Backyard food production is a growing hobby. One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to start is growing tomatoes either in a garden or a pot on the deck. Bill Grainger (Horticulture Program teacher at G.L. Roberts C.V.I.) had his Heritage Tomatoes at our Plant Sale this year. He grows certified organically produced heirloom varieties that came from a local farm and producer in Ontario.

They are very historic in nature and all non-GMO. One of his varieties is called Garden Peach and develops fuzz. Some of his others are Chadwick’s Red Cherry, Brandywine and Red Zebra (that has golden stripes).

Try your hand at growing some Heritage Tomatoes this year. Perhaps you purchased some from Bill Grainger. If not, Heritage Tomato varieties are available at local Garden Centres. I am sure you will enjoy the process and the product.

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