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Oshawa Garden Club Volunteer Hours


Your volunteer hours’ statistics are an important piece of the information about your society. They are an easy reference that illustrates how valuable your society is to the community. Volunteer hours can also be used as an analysis tool that will show you and your society where you are spending your volunteer time. The volunteer hours’ information that you report is important to you, to your District and to the OHA.

Your volunteer hours are added to those from all the societies across Ontario, and the resulting total is used by your OHA Board to negotiate with fundraising or governmental agencies. The cumulative number of volunteer hours certainly displays to others the value of Horticultural Societies in Ontario.

The Volunteer Hours Form can be found following the link at the bottom of this page.

There are nine activity categories. Confirm on this page your area of volunteering with the specific OHA category, as follows:

Activity 1 - Community Events
Record time spent on local fairs, community outreach programs, plant sales
Example: OGC Plant Sale

Activity 2 - Executive, Board and Monthly Meetings
Record time spent in monthly board meetings
Example: Include set-up and planning of general meetings (not time during meetings).

Activity 3 - Executive, Board Members and Committee Members
Record time spent in the Administration and Planning of events and meetings. (amount of time spent planning and preparing)

Activity 4 - Flower Shows, Garden Tours
Record time spent planning and preparing (not attending)

Activity 5 - Planting, preparation, maintenance
Record time spent in Community Gardening, Conservation and Environmental Projects and Partnerships
Example: OVBG, Parkwood, therapeutic gardening, Pollinator Garden

Activity 6 - Special Events
Record time spent in workshops, seminars/courses, District AGM, OHA Convention hosting
Example: Christmas Social, Christmas wrapping, Strawberry Social, D17 AGM

Activity 7 - Newsletter, Website, Social Media
Record time spent on books, bookmarks, publicity, newsletter, website, social media

Activity 8 - Youth Activities
Record time spent working with youth

Activity 9 - Other Activities
Record time spent in activities not listed above

You’re now ready to go to the Volunteer Hours Form and record your hours in the proper activity area. Click the button below and thank you for your time.

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