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Area Nurseries Operating During COVID Restrictions (as at April 27, 2020)

April COVID Update

April 2020

You will be aware by now that all OGC meetings and activities are suspended until further notice. That now includes our annual Plant Sale, scheduled for May 30th. We’ve also decided to suspend OGC Board Meetings, including virtual meetings, as it is our feeling that we cannot expect our volunteer board members to dedicate their time and energy on OGC business at the expense of their own family responsibilities.

Our main focus is on you, our members, and anything that we can do to support you as valued members, especially those who may be facing significant challenges in shopping, obtaining essentials and staying safe and healthy during this crisis. We urge you to reach out to us if you are in need. We will assist if we can or do our best to see that you get the help that you need from our community.

Many of us are fortunate to be in a good place and mainly in need of things to do to keep us sane and engaged and motivated as we hope for a sunnier future, and soon! We will do our best to source information for you to help you with your gardening pursuits as a wonderful way to rest in place, stay safe and stay active. (Check out our Facebook page). We are fortunate to have our gardens and steadily improving weather to help in that regard. Some will venture more into growing vegetables and for others, it will be the joy of growing plants on a sunny window sill.

Yours in Gardening,
Merle Cole, OGC President

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