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Showing Flowers

Showing Flowers (.pdf file)

Showing Flowers (.docx file)

Conditioning and Hardening for Spring Flowers

Conditioning and Hardening for Spring Flowers (.pdf file)

Conditioning and Hardening for Spring Flowers (.docx file)

Fall Colour Plant List

From John Statham talk:

Fall Colour Plant List

Making Your Gardens Bee-utiful Plant List

Creating a Bee-utiful Garden

Master Gardener Ingrid Janssen focused her talk on the plight of pollinators living here in Eastern Canada. She gave us the good news and the bad news and showed us the simple things that we can do in our gardens to encourage and support our native pollinators.

Making Your Gardens Bee-utiful Plant List

Ornamental Gardens - How to handle the rainwater

Speaker Sean James gave a talk on rain gardens at the September 11 meeting. Click the link below for a .pdf of the presentation.

Ornamental Gardens - How to handle the rainwater

Earth, Fire, Water and Air: Dr. Andy Fyon

Dr-Andy-Fyon flyer (1)

Sub-Irrigated Planters (SIP's) - How-to

Steven Biggs, writer and speaker, gave a great talk at the Oshawa Garden Club about easy-to-make planters. Steven mentioned that one very important thing to remember, which is not visible in the photos, is to put a drainage hole at the level of the top of the reservoir. Included here are two pictures, one showing what’s at the bottom of the container, and then another afterwards, once he’s installed a bit of landscape fabric to keep out as much soil as possible. Thanks Steven.

Steve Biggs containersteve biggs container

No Guff Vegetable Gardening

by Steven Biggs

A fun garden is a rewarding garden. (What could be more rewarding than an enquiry about a Promethean plant?!) A practical garden fits into a hectic schedule. No Guff Vegetable Gardening is both fun and practical. Not sure where to start? Try something new (parsnip wine!) or fun—and don’t worry about failure.

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2017 OGC Speaker List

2017 OGC Speaker List

2016 Speakers

The Oshawa Garden Club 2016 Speakers…

January 11
Shrubs for all Seasons
Durham Master Gardeners
Gini Sage and Ingrid Janssen

February 8
Peter Keeping
Peter is well known as a grower, a speaker and a leading expert on Clematis. He is the owner of Peter and Sheila’s Country Garden in Bowmanville.

March 14
Spring is in the Air
Van Belle Floral and Plant Shoppes
Speaker: TBD

April 11
Defining and Designing an Outdoor Room
Celia Alida Rutte
Celia has a passion for everything home and garden and runs a design business in Toronto. She appears with Tracy Moore on Cityline.

May 9
Join Us at the Oshawa Peony Festival 2016
Judi Denny and Marian Bohlken
Judi and Marian are passionate about peonies and both work to support the Oshawa Peony Festival. Marian is the new owner of Peonies From the Field in Bowmanville. She will share her tips for growing peonies and show us some amazing photographs.

June 13
Invasive Plants
Diana Shermet
Diana is a Natural Heritage Resource Analyst for CLOCA

September 12
Shade Gardening
Helen Battersby
Helen comes from a long line of English gardeners. She is a creative consultant, a blogger, and tends her garden in the east end of Toronto.

October 17
Ornamental Grasses
Anna Mizyn
Anna has an interest in unusual and unique plants.
She owns a garden centre, Anna’s Perennials, 63 Shoreview Road, Lindsay. She is also a vendor at the Peterborough Garden Show.

November 14
Winter Containers
Noelle Rees
Noelle has worked in the City of Oshawa Greenhouses for 23 years. She will be demonstrating design ideas and tips for your winter urn.

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